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  • Survive to Thrive - A Practical Guide for the New Network Marketer (Softcover book)
  • The Prospecting Survival Guide (Softcover book)
  • The Prospecting Survival Guide, Vol 2. Advanced Strategies (Softcover book)
  • Recruiting Mastery (Softcover book)
  • 7 Powerful Techniques for Effective Subconscious Communication (Softcover book)
  • Bootcamp Webinars 1 & 2 (DOWNLOAD)
  • Recruit U Audio (DOWNLOAD)
  • Recruit U Visual - Seminar 1 & 2 (DOWNLOAD)
  • Recruit U Webinar (DOWNLOAD)
  • Addendum - LinkedIn and Facebook Messaging (DOWNLOAD)
  • Addendum - Advanced LinkedIn Strategies (DOWNLOAD)
  • Addendum - Career Builder & Resume Strategies (DOWNLOAD)



Jay is an awesome speaker, coach, and great person. I’m enjoying all his training tools! I highly recommend him. I listened to him at a convention in Vegas and was impressed!

Betty Beck

This man has a wealth of knowledge to share, not only to improve your business but, more importantly, yourself! His messages are inspiring and pertinent! I would highly recommend you add his videos to your daily self-improvement regimen.

Stephan A.

I have found all your training (webinars, written materials, etc) to be outstanding. Your hands-on, in-the-trenches approach to building business and reaching out is invaluable.

Gretchen Ricker

Awesome material! This will give people enough confidence to know even if they don't have a market in the beginning, they can still succeed in this business.

Willie Williams

His training is amazing! It has been very helpful when it comes to building a great business and going out and meeting new people. The scripts/examples are very helpful.

Benjamin Hogue

Priceless! We cannot put a price on this type of training because when utilized properly, there is no cap on how successful one can become.

Eric Clinton

Your leadership and training material are priceless!

Lenny Curcio

Recruit University, the videos, the books, the mentoring…fantastic! Absolutely top shelf!

Ken Kovacs

I purchased Jay’s program on Nov. 14, 2017. Then for the next week or so did not attempt to take any of his suggested actions till after Thanksgiving. Quite frankly, it was because I did not feel comfortable. Then on Monday 11/27 I decided to JUST DO IT! So, I sent out 4 Invitations to connect, and guess what, 3 accepted them and we had great conversations since! His ideas work and I wish I had purchased his program earlier. However, Better Late than Never so . . . get his program and TAKE ACTION!

Ellen Hill

Thank you for your time and training on prospecting. I have put into action several of your suggestions and have had great results. Thank you for pushing us to look outside the box. I never knew how to use Linked In. I thought it was a waste of time. So definitely a new perspective.

Cynthia Frunzi

Jay Maymi has presented a thoughtful, practical approach to the world of networking and marketing. Not only are there some smart and intellectual tips on how to proceed, but he has given the reader some space to do some "fancy thinking!" It is a "must-read" for young and old, venturing into any area of sales with any product. It is even more valuable if you "read before you start!" This 66-page primer is packed with great ideas. I have given it to my sons and daughter and they raved about it!

Gary Dankowski

Jay Maymi's material is must-have reading/listening/watching for anyone who is serious about achieving positive results in their business. He's an amazing teacher with years of proven experience as his credentials. Thanks, Jay!

Ntheye Kabandama

I met Jay on LinkedIn. I spoke to him on the phone briefly and in those few minutes, he brought so much value with his knowledge. His training is amazing, and he is an awesome person, coach, and speaker. Highly recommend him to anyone!

Chris Boring

I work in sales and have been struggling. After 1 hour of coaching with Jay, he helped me completely shift and simplify my approach to prospective clients. Very excited about how this has and will continue to impact my career!

Riley J.

I must say that Jay is an expert and very knowledgeable about the information he shares in his courses. I will say it is the best money I spent to grow not only my business but myself.

Rashad Harvey

I booked 6 appointments on the way to the airport using what you kindly shared with us that afternoon!

Jared Sosa

Thank you for bringing real value to the marketplace. After watching your webinar on the Art of finding People I used the techniques to set 7 appointments for Monday alone!

Dan Wilkins

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